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Vicomsoft FTP Client Version History - Mac OS X
Below is a list of the improvements and bug fixes that have been made to different versions of the Vicomsoft FTP Client for Mac OS X.

Version 4.0 Product History
Version 4.5 & 4.6 Product History

Version 4.6.0
  • New licensing system from eSellerate, with in-app purchase capability
  • Check for updates capability
  • QuickLook preview support
  • Growl notification support
  • Finder-like in-line rename
  • Enhanced SFTP server compatibility
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
Version 4.5.1
  • Partial download icons might not have been displayed
  • Resolving symlinks could get into an endless loop
  • Corrected some missing icons
  • The automatic import of Bookmarks from the old version did not work correctly in some cases
  • When transferring multiple items the name of the currently transferring item was not displayed
  • Local items could not be deleted when running on Leopard
  • Upload synchronization could have incorrectly created unwanted empty folders
  • FTP Droplets created by the previous version of FTP Client may not have worked with v4.5
  • Download now includes a step by step installation guide for those having difficulty understanding the default OS X software delivery mechanism using .dmg files
  • Upgrading from v4.0.x could have rendered Remote Editing non-functional in some cases
Version 4.5.0
  • Now a Universal Binary
  • Leopard compatibility
  • Added full Mac OS X toolbar
  • Large file support added for files greater than 2GB
  • Long file/folder name support added for full Unicode capability
  • FTPS (FTP over SSL) support added in both explicit and implicit modes
  • Ability to select any application for remote editing
  • Added support for AppleScript scripting as well as recording
  • Added sserver to server transfers using drag & drop
  • Added automatic re-connect and retry for transfers
  • Added automatic Passive/Active FTP mode detection
  • Added automatic time offset calculation to cater for time zone differences
  • Overall speed enhancements for transfers
  • Completion sounds for transfers can now be customized
  • Added option to control double click action - transfer, edit or no action
  • Drag & drop support in Column view now supported
  • In-line rename in Column view now supported
  • Streamlined user interface
Version 4.0.3
  • Fixed a problem with Active FTP connections
Version 4.0.2
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.3, Panther.
Version 4.0.1
  • Fixed a problem with the creation of Droplets.
Version 4.0.0
  • FTP Client for Mac OS X released
  • Introduction of:
    • SFTP
    • Hierarchical Directory Listings
    • Multithreading
    • Directory Caching
    • Queue Based FTP

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