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Fitting the service into your system

Vicomsoft InterGate Mail Service resides on dedicated servers on the Internet. All of your email passes through these servers, and is inspected for spam and viruses. Because it is a managed service, and not residing on your local area network, you benefit from 24x7 highly skilled personnel monitoring your email gateway, protection from Denial of Service attacks, and instant updating of all new virus-related information.
The service fits into your existing infrastructure in a seamless manner, by utilising capabilities of the DNS (Domain Name Service) system to re-route your mail traffic to the relevant systems.

How does mail get to my mail server?

When email is sent, the first thing that happens is the sender's server performs a DNS query to discover the name of the server(s) that accepts mail on behalf of the recipient. The DNS MX (mail exchange) records hold this information.
Equipped with the MX record data, the email is then sent directly to the recipient´┐Żs mail server, be it a local company server, or an ISP mail gateway.
For more information about DNS and MX records, see the What do DNS and DNS Servers have to do with email? FAQ in our Email Primer.

What do I change to use the InterGate Mail Service?

email topology
When the Managed Filtering Service is introduced to the system, the MX records are changed to point to our data centres, instead of directly to the recipient server. All mail is then directed through the InterGate Mail Service cluster and filtered according to the customer's specifications.
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