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Anti-Spam: Vicomsoft Provides the Total Solution
Spam emails are more than an annoyance. They are a threat. First, they may contain viruses of the type that infect the operating system of the client computer. These may spread over the LAN causing loss of data, productivity and network resources. They may contain viruses of the type that cause the email client to resend the virus to all the addresses in the address book. This may expose the organization to legal liability, and there are cases where legal action has been taken. Most instances of this type of virus simply replicate the original email, but there is nothing to stop someone from writing a virus that copies any random email, sending it to any random address, creating a veritable confidentiality risk.

Vicomsoft's managed email filtering service offers protection with 98% spam detection rates, 100% protection from email borne viruses, protection from "denial of service" attacks, email archiving to ensure regulatory compliance. It is a fully managed 24/7 service, hosted on the Internet and requiring limited or no IT maintenance and no software or hardware to be installed, configured or maintained. Emails are scanned and processed in accordance with the user's spam policy which may be modified to suit the organization's overall security policy.

For just pennies per day per user, you can enjoy protection and peace of mind in the key areas where your organization is at risk. Compare this with the cost of spam alone. The cost of spam can reach $120,000 per year for a 1000 person company, according to some estimates. Up to half of all email is spam. Just clearing spam messages is likely costing you more in lost productivity than than a full InterGate Policy Manager licence for your whole network. Just spam. We have not even put a price tag on virus removal, network down time, legal liabilities, loss of data or the damage to your brand image when your customers find out what happened. Isn't it time we had a talk?
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