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Vicomsoft is a dynamic market leader in Internet Security Software, with an award-winning portfolio specifically designed for Mac OS X and Windows.

We have achieved our current position by recruiting employees who share our passion for producing only the best software in our field.

We believe in fostering our employee's creative talents through an open, communicative and highly motivated environment which encourages constructive co-operation and innovation.

Vicomsoft is always interested in hearing from talented individuals who want to work in a cutting edge industry with a dynamic, fast growing company.

If you have what it takes to thrive in this fast paced and highly productive environment, send your Resume (CV) to Nigel Rickman at: or fax to: +44 (0) 1202 297900.

Any Resume (CV) from an employment agency will NOT be eligible for finder fees. All Resumes (CVs) are considered gratuitous and the property of Vicomsoft.

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