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Listed below are resources containing the latest information that Vicomsoft has compiled on Internet related subjects. Each resource contains information that is designed to be easy to follow, and leads the reader through initial concepts before leading on to more complex issues.

DTI Information Security Breaches Survey 2002 survey from the UK Department of Trade and Industry outlining the security threats faced by businesses in 2002 and projected into 2003.

Mac Guide to e-security Vicomsoft brings together key security issues and information on how to avoid security breaches on your network. Provided are tips and advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls of running a network including system penetration from the outside, computer viruses and abuse of your network resources from within.

Spam The low cost of electronic communications has both benefits and drawbacks. Most of us take for granted, and gladly take full advantage of, the ability to send a written communication delivered directly to the desktop of our correspondent thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds at negligible cost. What many of us are beginning to discover, however, is that there are hundreds of thousands of marketeers out there who want to send written communications to our desktops at a negligible cost. These unexpected, unsolicited and often intrusive e-mails are referred to as Spam.

PPPoE The arrival of low cost broadband technologies in general and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) in particular has greatly increased the number of computer hosts that are permanently connected to the Internet. PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) is designed to bring the security and metering benefits of PPP to Ethernet connections such as DSL.

Bandwidth Aggregation, Bonding and Teaming The increased use of Internet sharing combined with graphically rich web sites and multimedia applications have created a virtually insatiable demand for Internet access Bandwidth. This document is designed to help you to understand and choose the technology best suited to your needs.

Firewalls Introduction to firewall security. As an increasing number of local area networks become connected to the Internet, organizations of all sizes are confronted with concerns about security. Firewalls play an important part in any security policy, and understanding them is an important step in securing the local network.

Wireless Networking An introduction to wireless networking. This upcoming technology is now becoming available for all users, providing flexibility and ease of use for the creation of non-wired networks, for extension of existing wired LANs or for shared Internet access.

LAN Based Web Caching An introduction to LAN based web caching in two parts for both novice and experienced users. Provides information of interest to administrators of large networks as well as small businesses and schools.

Nat Technical overview of Network Address Translation.

DHCP Contains everything you need to know about DHCP from simple introduction through to a more complex breakdown of related terms.

DSL Provides extensive information on DSL technologies, (Including ADSL, HDSL, VDSL and other standards), their availability and how they compare against other communication methods.

Email and Email Servers Information on email, leading from its concepts, history and simple examples, before going into further details on the actual methods used and covering options available to the prospective user.

Cable Modems Gives comprehensive information on cable modems, including history, performance, availability and possible configurations.
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