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Web Application Usage Reporting
InterGate Intelligence works with InterGate Policy Manager to present fully drillable reports showing both summary and detailed information regarding the use of Internet resources.

Misuse of the Internet can lead to a number of serious issues ranging from decreases in productivity to, at worst, litigation. Running detailed Internet usage reports provides a vital tool to enable a, business, school or other organization to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy.

Drilling Through Reports
All reports are fully drillable. This allows an administrator to identify a potential misuse of the Internet and then cross reference the data against the user, destination or any other available criteria. This could be used, for example, to pinpoint unsuitable web content, then discover who has accessed the content and when this occurred.
Automated Scheduling
InterGate Intelligence can be set to automatically update a set of predefined reports. As Internet usage data can run to millions of individual entries, scheduling ensures that reports are updated during off peak times and are always available when required.

Standard Reports
Some of the standard reports Intelligence provides include:
    InterGate Intelligence shows ranked reports based on the type of traffic, listed by port or protocol. Protocol usage reports quickly identify Internet bottlenecks which may occur when users are regularly sending or receiving large files, browsing media rich web sites or other such occurrences.
  • Destination Usage
    Provides detailed reports based on sites that are being visited by users on the network.
  • Web Categorization
    When used in combination with InterGate Policy Manager and InterGate Inspect, destination reports are produced which identify the kind of web traffic users are requesting. This can quickly identify if browsers are wasting working time and valuable bandwidth by visiting non work related web sites.
  • Originator Usage
    View detailed reports based on the internal user name, group name, client machine name or IP address.
  • Blocked Accesses
    InterGate Intelligence shows attempts listed via user and destination which are in breach of InterGate Policy Manager’s filtering policies.
  • Application Usage
    See which Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer programs are being used on your network and which users are being stopped by InterGate Intercept ’s filtering policies.
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