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Vicomsoft InterGate Mail Service provides a first line of defense against all email threats including viruses, spam, malware, denial of service attacks and directory harvesting.

Multiple Virus Engines:

Vicomsoft's core anti-virus solution comprises multiple best of breed identity-based engines, which are critical in the detection of viruses.

Zero Hour Protection:

However, as mass outbreak viruses tend to replicate and distribute at such high speed, the time taken by identity-based anti-virus vendors to capture, analyze and release tested updates to the anti-virus engines leaves organizations exposed to the threat of virus infection for a period of time. This window has been dubbed the 'Zero Hour' syndrome. To meet this challenge, Vicomsoft employs Zero Hour and heuristic filters to seek out new, unknown viruses through additional mail scanning.

Anti-Spam 99% Removal:

With spam levels regularly being measured at between 65 and 90 percent, Vicomsoft has invested heavily in technology to manage the sheer volume of unwanted email being delivered. Careful attention to connection management and integration of multiple best of breed filters has led to blocking the maximum quantities of spam with the lowest possible rate of false positives.

Anti-Spam 0.003% False Positives:

Although having to delete large numbers of spam emails is costly and time wasting, failing to receive a single legitimate email can cost even more. With fewer than one in three hundred false positives, incidents of this sort are rare.

Denial Of Service (DOS):

These involve deliberate abuse of a resource to render it inoperative. In general large numbers of emails will be simultaneously sent from multiple servers. InterGate Mail Service relieves the burden on your mail server by handling all incoming mail and only delivering valid emails.

Directory Harvest Attack (DHA):

This is a phenomenon whereby spammers send inordinate numbers of emails to a server on the assumption that if the mail is not returned as undeliverable, the address is valid. DHAs are detected and once a threshold of undeliverable mails is reached, communication with the sender is cut off. This is entirely transparent to the user who never knows it happened.

24x7 Managed Service:

Email filtering is resource-intensive and requires constant monitoring. This is not within the reach of any but the largest of organizations. You benefit from a world-class team monitoring and ensuring availability of a critical resource.

Web Control Panel:

InterGate Email Service 's web-based control panel allows an unprecedented level of flexibility in the management of the service provided. It offers total visibility, reporting, audit and control of service. Delegated authority allows multiple levels of administration and functionality from super admin to single user account control. This flexible approach enables Vicomsoft's managed service to meet your company structure and needs.


A highly efficient data collection process ensures that data is compiled across all domains within the system on a daily basis. Background data is held in an optimized form to ensure that report generation is as rapid as possible through the web interface, giving you over 12 reports you can use.

White List Management:

A white list is a list of email addresses that are deemed trustworthy. When email is received from an address on the white list, it is considered non-spam although it may be scanned for viruses. This ensures 0% false positives from trusted sources. InterGate Mail Service offers the ability to upload and merge email address recipient information to the service.

Message Tracking:

Audit logs are kept against every email sent to your organization. Search for email based on sender, recipient or subject.
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