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Email Spam and Virus Protection

Software as a Service

With the growth in quantity and variety of threats now sent and received by email, successfully filtering is critical to protecting networks. Organisations do not have the time and resources to deal with the headaches caused by viruses or spam. Put simply, if you consider email to be a vital communications tool, you have the following options:

Do nothing — This is no longer a realistic option given the potential cost of having your network infected by a virus or being sued after an employee or child has received inappropriate material through their corporate or school email.

Install Software — This approach requires software to be purchased, installed, configured and maintained at the highest possible levels by your personnel. Any failure of the software leaves you on your own to resolve any resulting issues or dependent on a support call that is potentially costly, time-consuming, and even unhelpful. Experience has taught us that software solutions require constant tweaking and adjustment and consequently cost more than other solutions in personnel overhead.

Purchase an Appliance – Also requiring installation, configuration, and maintenance and, as with software, offering no guarantee of accuracy and reliability. Most customers choose to only deploy one box for cost reasons. If your hardware appliance should experience a failure of any kind, you have two options – either let the mail through to its users unfiltered until a replacement is in place (allowing spam, potential spyware, viruses and other malware through) or turn off mail delivery until a fix is in place.

Use InterGate Mail Service – A 5 minute administration job is all that is needed to experience the benefits of our service.

  • Set up is both quick and simple, requiring no hardware or software.
  • Instead, email is filtered on the Internet, before it reaches your network, thereby saving bandwidth by delivering only “clean” email; a key benefit given the rapid escalation in volumes of email traffic worldwide.
  • One user recently reported that 60% of his bandwidth had been used up by spam. He was able to recover the cost of the service in reduced bandwidth usage alone.
  • With security experts managing the solution, you are no longer concerned whether your system is armed with the latest virus updates. A spectrum of dedicated filters takes away the burden to give you peace of mind.
  • InterGate Mail Service does not use major brand anti-virus engines which most users already have deployed on the desktop as this would not provide additional protection.
  • Networks are protected from Denial of Service attacks
  • Each client retains full, real-time and flexible control
InterGate Mail Service

The true cost of spam

For just pennies per day per user, you can enjoy protection and peace of mind in the key areas where your organization is at risk. Compare this with the cost of spam alone. The cost of spam can reach $120,000 per year for a 1000 person company, according to some estimates. 90% of all corporate email is spam. Just clearing spam messages is likely costing you more in lost productivity than than a full InterGate Policy Manager licence for your whole network. That does not take into account virus removal, network down time, legal liabilities, loss of data or the damage to your brand image when your customers find out what happened. Contact us today to arrange a free trial.
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