Web security software

Web security solutions

Web security solutions

InterGate Web Security Service

InterGate Web Security offers a proactive solution to help enforce company Internet use policies and to block known and emerging threats, before they reach your network.

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Email security

Learn more about InterGate Email Security

InterGate Email Security

Get the most advanced protection against email viruses, malware, phishing and spam while meeting compliance concerns and mitigating legal liability. InterGate Email Security resides outside your network and requires no additional hardware or software.

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Email archiving

InterGate Email Archiving

InterGate Email Archiving

With unlimited archive storage in the cloud, organisations can dramatically reduce storage costs and eliminate the need for mailbox quotas. InterGate Email Archiving provides an Outlook style interface for archived email management.

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Application blocking

InterGate App Blocker

InterGate App Blocker

Peer-to-peer networking applications present a serious threat to network security, bypassing system security and granting unauthorised access to network resources. InterGate App Blocker inspects network traffic to ensure that even applications that try to circumvent ordinary firewalls and web filters are blocked.

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Vicomsoft Utilities

FTP Client

Vicomsoft FTP Client for Mac OS X offers the ultimate in FTP speed & performance.

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DHCP Server

DHCP Server offers an easy solution to many network administration problems.

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