Vicomsoft InterGate for Windows Version History

Below is a list of the improvements and bug fixes that have been made to different versions of the Vicomsoft InterGate for Windows. Free updaters are available to update certain versions of the Vicomsoft InterGate to the latest version. Please see the Vicomsoft Software Updaters page for more details.

Version 9.3.6

  • New eSellerate in-app purchase and license system
  • Enhances web site categorization - Now has access to 80 categories; 100 million sites categorized
  • Adds a new built-in Filter All filter set to allow global exceptions to be implemented
  • Adds an option to override or keep ISP assigned DNS addresses
  • Adds strict MAC to IP address DHCP leasing option
  • Number of served DHCP clients is no longer limited to the number of licensed users
  • Limewire, BitTorrent and AIM were not being blocked by Intercept
  • Fixes to the 'Allow user login from' settings in the Security tab of the Preferences
  • When DNS serving is enabled, DNS lookups now use your preferred DNS server first, then root servers
  • Fixed some secure sites being blocked erroneously
  • Log Generator was not recording domain names
  • Intelligence showed incorrect report results when the report should have been empty
  • Transparent web caching without RapidCache now correctly cageorizes, logs and filters page accesses
  • Fixes error message when manually choosing to update Intelligence database
  • Fixes failure to recover from changed clock settings
  • Enter Serial Number and Purchase options now available at all times
  • Fixes a false positive for Gnutella filtering
  • Fixes a false positive for Skype filtering
  • Addresses issues with LDAP authentication within sub OUs
  • Fixes a problem with subscription expiration dates being too far in the future
  • Fixes two possible crash situations
  • Fixes to Multi-NAT
  • Fixes false positive for AIM filtering
  • Fixes Web Login issues with latest versions of Firefox and Safari
  • Updates built-in addresses for default Ping, Fallback and Redirection IPs

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