Vicomsoft DHCP Server for Windows Version History

Below is a list of the improvements and bug fixes that have been made to different versions of the Vicomsoft DHCP Server. Free updaters are available to update certain versions of the Vicomsoft DHCP Server to the latest version. Please see the Vicomsoft Software Updaters page for more details.

Version 9.3.7

  • New eSellerate-based licensing system
  • Allocated DHCP clients are remembered between re-launches
  • Custom DHCP Options can be configured
  • Bug fixes

Version 9.0.0

  • Windows 2003 Server Compatible.
  • Fixed problem detecting certain Ethernet cards.

Version 7.0.9

  • Ability to ping an address to see if is is already in use before issuing.
  • Ability to only serve IP Addresses to clients listed in the DHCP Clients file.
  • Ability to disable BOOTP serving.
  • DHCP lease times are now correctly set to 60 minutes in all cases.
  • The router address for DHCP clients can now be within the DHCP range and it will not be issued as a DHCP address.
  • All demos are now 30-day expiry.

Version 6.7.0

  • The product now has the facility to 'learn' what DHCP clients are on the network. Using this, and a new option to serve DHCP 'only to clients in the DHCP Clients file', means that people with single Ethernet Interfaces and cable modems or ADSL can safely use our product and DHCP together.
  • New option to disable BootP serving.

Version 6.6.3

  • Improved various features including DNS server, DHCP server and support for Telco Return systems.
  • Improved auto setup.
  • Relaxed evaluation restrictions.

Version 6.6.2

  • Updated to run concurrently with Internet Gateway and SoftRouter.
  • Several minor issues resolved.

Version 6.6.1

  • Improved interface with status window that may be resized and configured.
  • Improved support for relay agents.
  • Can run as headless server.
  • Ability to ping an IP address before allocating a configuration, thereby avoiding address conflicts.

Version 6.5.0

  • Added remote administration capability to the product.
  • Added the ability to send Boot Server information to clients during DHCP/BootP negotiation.

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