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Better Email Protection

InterGate Email Security is a fully managed 24/7 email filtering solution that is hosted outside your network, requiring no additional hardware, software or personnel resources to manage daily security operations. It provides award-winning, in-the-cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) email management, email compliance services and threat protection for more than 3 million mailboxes worldwide.


AntispamWith seven different levels of spam detection, InterGate Email Security guarantees elimination of 98% of all spam. To provide additional protection, InterGate Email Security is the only solution specifically designed to quantify sender reputation via advanced statistical models. Unlike other reputation services that provide only a binary 'good' or 'bad' rating, InterGate Email Security provides granular trust ratings with automated adjustment over time as reputations change. By focusing reputation on mathematical models, rather than simply a blacklist approach, language-agnostic detection can be more accurate and highly scalable. Outbound spam protection locates and blocks infected machines from sending spam through the company network to help preserve the organisation's reputation.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing

InterGate Email Security incorporates five best of breed signature, heuristic and zero-day engines to provide unmatched detection of known and unknown viruses, malware and phishing schemes. Multiple identity-based engines guarantee protection against 100% of known virus threats. As viruses tend to replicate and distribute at high speed, InterGate Email Security employs zero-day and heuristic virus filters to seek out and block new threats before they can infect your company's network environment.

Email Policy Management & Enforcement

InterGate Email Security's policy management and enforcement suite offers a powerful, customisable rules engine, which facilitates both content and event-based email management while providing highly granular levels of control around inbound and outbound email traffic. The service allows users to control where messages are sent and how they should be filtered based on specified criteria. Rules can be set for a number of different situations, either as an individual occurrence or as a combination of complex business events. Besides standard email actions such as block, copy, and redirect, rules can be used to alert or trigger other systems such as HR, CRM, ERP or workflow.

Data Security & Email Compliance

Data Security & ComplianceInterGate Email Security's content filtering capabilities prevent data loss and help to fulfil email compliance and data security requirements. It supports pre-defined and custom dictionaries of regular expressions and keywords to aid in detecting and controlling messages with sensitive or inappropriate content. Dictionaries also support the ability to assign numerical values to keyword entries, such that rather than simple keyword matching, keyword scoring can trigger custom rules once pre-defined thresholds are met or exceeded. Administrators can also use Boolean operators to create custom rules by combining subsets or supersets of dictionaries. Pre-configured dictionaries include key terms to help companies develop email policies to comply with HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, and other regulatory compliance measures.

Backscatter Protection

Backscatter occurs when a spammer spoofs a legitimate email address to send an unsolicited message to large distribution lists, causing the email server to flood an unsuspecting email address owner's mailbox with hundreds or thousands of failed delivery messages. To protect against this growing threat, InterGate Email Security employs an advanced technique called Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV). Every sent message is marked with a timestamp and unique cryptographic signature that cannot be duplicated. Any failed delivery messages that do not reference this signature are then marked as spam and blocked from entering the user's mailbox.

Fast Deployment & Guaranteed Service AvailabilityFast Deployment & Guaranteed Service Availability

Deployment can be typically completed within 24 hours and there are no costly hardware or equipment maintenance fees. InterGate Email Security also guarantees 99.999% service availability.

Additional Optional Services...

Business Continuity

Constantly active and available at all times - not just when disaster strikes. The service enables inbound and outbound email to be available from secure, mirrored data stores to end users via webmail. Users are able to send/receive emails from wherever there is internet access, ensuring important communication is not lost during crisis situations.

Image Protection

InterGate Email Security provides a filter specifically to address image analysis. When images are scanned, their dataflow (shape, colour, texture, etc.) is converted into a digital signature that is then compared against known pornographic images. If the image is similar to those blacklisted images, the email content is classified as pornographic and action may be taken to either delete or quarantine the email. All messages containing suspect images are logged.

Deep Content Scanning

Administrators are able to define policies to control/prevent the use and distribution of confidential information. InterGate Email Security is capable of scanning over 300 different types of file attachment for specified criteria.

Policy Based Encryption

Outbound email is tagged for encryption based on defined policies. Recipients are then notified and able to read/respond via an encrypted web based portal.

Email Archiving

The optional Email Archiving service archives all email directly from the mail server with no limit on data storage or retention period. Using comprehensive search facilities, emails and attachments can be searched quickly and easily from a web based portal. Returned results can then be re-synced with a given mailbox, saved in various formats, exported, forwarded and much more.

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